You can invite a buddy by clicking on the Members menu and search for his/her name or email address, alias or Keepscores ID.

If your buddy does not exist, you may send an invite to his/her email address using the "Can't find your buddy?" option on the member search page. If your buddy is already a member, click on the “+ Buddy” button.

Go to My Home>My Buddies, then click on your buddy. This will redirect you to his/her profile page. Click on his/her Buddies link, then click on the "+ Buddy" button of the member you want to invite.

You can accept a buddy invite by going to My Invites>Buddy Invites and clicking on the "Accept" button.

You can delete a buddy by clicking "X" on your buddies box under My Buddies page.

You can choose to ignore a buddy by clicking Ignore on the Buddy Invites and clicking on the "Ignore" link.

Yes, a deleted buddy can re-invite you.

If you do not want a buddy to re-invite you, you should ignore him/her by following the "How do I ignore a buddy?" instructions above.

You can choose to remove your buddy from your ignore list by clicking "Accept" on your Buddy Invites page.