You can join by clicking here or the Join Now button on the front page.

Only your buddies can see your private profile page. Everyone can view your public profile page.

Everyone can see your first/last names, unless you specify to "Show alias on clubs and events to anonymous users." Anonymous users are users who are not logged on to the site

You can click the Settings link on the upper right corner of the header menu to update your account info.

This function will be available in a future release

Go to Settings>Security Settings and check or uncheck "Receive Emails?" then click "Save Settings".

However, there will be notifications that cannot be turned off if you are a tournament or club organizer.

Go to Settings>Security Settings and check or uncheck "Searchable" then click "Save Settings".

If you are a minor, you are not allowed to become Searchable.

Go to the Settings>Profile Image and update your profile image.

Important: You need to refresh your browser after you upload your profile image

We hope you will never delete your membership with We strive to enhance your golf experience like never before, so any suggestions from you and other members are taken seriously.

However, if you have really decided on deleting your membership, just send an email to and we will deactivate your membership within seven (7) business days.